Techniques Available at the Center:

If you know what style of massage you prefer, please let us know when you book your session and we will match a therapist to your specific needs. Otherwise, merely tell us how you feel when you come in, and our therapists will use a variety of styles to create a custom session just for you. Please note that not all therapists use every technique thus, if you know you like a deep tissue massage, etc., you will want to mention it when you call to set your appointment.



The most commonly offered massage technique. Swedish features long strokes and kneading of the muscles. It is used primarily for full body sessions to promote full relaxation, circulation, and to relieve muscle tension.

Deep Tissue

This massage releases chronic patterns of tension in the body through long slow strokes and deep finger pressure on tensed areas. This technique improves body alignment and freedom of movement. If you enjoy massage work with a fair amount of pressure but find deep tissue uncomfortable at times you may want to request firm Swedish massage for a portion of your session.

Sports Massage

This massage focuses on the muscles relevant to a particular athletic activity. It is usually more vigorous and deeper than Swedish massage.

Trigger Point

Applies concentrated finger pressure to tender areas in the muscle in order to break the cycle of spasm and pain.

Myofascial Release

A mild and gentle hands on form of stretching which relieves connective tissue restrictions all over the body promoting strength, flexibility, range of motion and proper alignment. It releases chronic problems and reduces pain.

Quantum Touch TM Energy

A balancing of the body energy field through laying hands on specific energy centers with the intent to relieve acute emotional and physical conditions.


This highly nurturing and sensory massage incorporates long, slow and flowing strokes.